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ALPENA – The wildlife sanctuary’s artist-in-residence and the upkeep of the island park were the main points discussed at the June meeting of the Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary board.

Artist-in-Residence Program Coordinator Sherri Waldorp reported that Emily Drew Yates, painter and creator of acrylic and watercolor artwork, was chosen from among 19 applicants to be the artist for this year. She is from Elkville, Illinois and will be at Alpena August 11-25. There will be a community presentation/workshop and the council will host a welcome potluck.

President Terry Gougeon outlined Island Park’s maintenance plans, which included removing fallen trees from trails and a day’s work to get rid of invasive plants like non-native frogs and cattails.

New aquatic weed trimmers were discussed and will be used on an upcoming weeding day.

Vandalism on the island has been reported, such as signs, wooden ducks and fences. The police will be contacted.

The council also voted to limit the number of benches on the island to a maximum of four benches.

Thunder Bay River Center president Judy Kalmanek said native wildflower seed sales are doing well. The sales are a fundraising project for the River Center.

The meeting ended with council member Tom Orth showing photos of the sanctuary, which included a family of native trumpeter swans with six cygnets, a family of loons with a young on the mother’s back and a pied-billed grebe .

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