Bobcat Kitten Transferred From FWP To Red Lodge Wildlife Sanctuary Under New Law | State and regional


The male lynx kitten, named Doug, must undergo a mandatory 30-day quarantine before being introduced to Bob, another bobcat already living in Red Lodge facilities. The two will eventually live together.

Doug was transferred from Montana WILD Education Center, a Helena-based facility operated by FWP to rehabilitate injured and abandoned wildlife, while providing educational programs to the public.

“This is exactly the type of situation that the sanctuary is there for,” YWS education manager Eden Wondra said in a press release. “Although we are very sad that this is happening to him, we are delighted to welcome this lovely guy and give him the best life possible.”

Testifying in favor of the legislation, Robson said the change “will have a major impact on the welfare of unreleased wildlife” while also helping agencies like FWP. He cited one of the sanctuary’s two black bears as an example of a similar wild animal that has lived in captivity since 1994, helping educate thousands of visitors about the safe life of bear country.

The Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary is planning a two-year expansion, noted Robson. The new law will help fill those exhibits which already include animals as diverse as gray wolves, sandhill cranes and bison.

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