Bryn the gibbon leaves Manor Wildlife Park in Pembrokeshire for Dubai

A fond farewell is said today, Wednesday January 19, to Bryn the gibbon as he travels from Pembrokeshire to start a new life in the Middle East.

Bryn has gained an adoring following since he was born at Manor Wildlife Park, near Tenby, more than seven years ago.

But now the time has come for Bryn to found a new dynasty, and he leaves the park for Dubai Safari where he will be introduced to a companion.

In a “bon voyage” tribute to Bryn on Facebook, the park said:

“It was an honor to watch him grow from a mischievous little baby to the gorgeous, cheeky adult he is now.”

Last year, the Siamang gibbon family at Manor Park took a hit when Bryn’s father, Steve, died of natural causes at the age of 24.

He had captured countless hearts as he transformed from a solitary creature in a cage into a big personality with a partner and a child, living his best life in a huge enclosure with his own island.

Park assured that a new mate for Steve’s soul mate Lisa will soon be sought and Bryn’s move is a natural progression as he matures.

The park has been praised by supporters for its care and education of Bryn.

One supporter said: ‘Bravo Manor House for bringing up such an exceptional personality.

And another commented: “Steve would be proud of his son.”

Facebook post, Manor Wildlife Park

“They grow up so fast.

“Born on October 28, 2010, our ‘little gibbon’ Bryn has grown well!

“It was an honor to watch him grow from a mischievous little baby to the gorgeous, cheeky adult he is now.

“Now is the time for us to say goodbye to Bryn, as he leaves Manor Wildlife Park.

“Bryn will be heading to Dubai Safari to start his own family with a woman to keep him company.

“We feel extremely lucky and grateful to have been able to watch him grow into adulthood.

“We were blessed with his arrival in 2010 after mum Lisa and dad Steve had only been together for a short year and seeing Bryn grow as handsome and charismatic as his dad Steve has been a joy.”

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