Busch Wildlife Sanctuary moves to larger space in Jupiter Farms


Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is considering moving to a new location on Rocky Pines Road and West Indiantown Road at Jupiter Farms.

The Sanctuary is currently located in West Jupiter, off Central Boulevard.

A plan to build a football complex on the same site proposed by Jupiter Farms was rejected last year.

Sanctuary Executive Director Amy Kight showed WPTV the site she hopes to move to next year.

“We just need more space. We get more animals, we see more visitors, we just need to develop and grow. And everyone wants a place of their own,” Kight said. .

The current long-standing sanctuary house is leased to the Loxahatchee River District.

There, families can see animals like foxes, panthers, bears and exotic birds for free.

Kight said the land use is approved by Palm Beach County for the Rocky Pines site, but construction planning is taking some time.

She said the pandemic caused the building to slow down and save.

Kight said they would be ready for the move, using portable kennels and air-conditioned vans to transport the animals when the time comes.

Having all of these animals nearby will be different for Rocky Pines Road neighbors like Amanda Eakins.

“Of course there will be traffic problems because we are a dead end street, with all this traffic coming in. But what the plans look like, it looks like they figured it out the best they can.” , Eakins said.

Eakins also says the new shrine house will be a great victory for the community.

“Having something like this is going to really get everyone excited and it’s also a plus because I can walk my kids there,” Eakins said.

Kight agrees.

“I’m very excited for the day that it’s like the Willie Wonkas chocolate factory and you just opened the doors and it’s like, ahhh, wonder, astonishment and wonder!”

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