Busch Wildlife Sanctuary paves the way for a forever home

A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping and rehabilitating animals opens its new facility on Thursday.

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is moving near the intersection of Rocky Pines Road and West Indiantown Road to Jupiter Farms, where it will have double the space for animals and visitors.

Amy Kight, executive director of the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, said she welcomed 25% more animals last year, almost all of which had been touched by humans. So, with the growth in South Florida, they anticipate the need for continued growth. Kight said the new space will allow them to do just that.

“I think we’re doing a great job of environmental education. But there’s still more to do,” Kight said. “We need to reach even more people, because 90% of the patients we see are impacted by humans.”

Kight said the new location includes five wetlands and hundreds of native trees and plants. She said they plan to help preserve the space while adding native trees and plants.

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is leasing its current Loxahatchee River District property, so Kight said employees are thrilled to finally be able to move into their forever home.

“It really gave us an opportunity that we didn’t have with the current Busch Wildlife. It was a growth phase,” Kight said. “Now we have our own gates, we have our own property, and this is a way to really set it up the way we’ve always wanted.”

Kight said they plan to build the $15 million facility and move the animals over the next year. She said they plan to welcome the public by early 2023.

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