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Kent Wildlife Park bids farewell as cubs...

Submitted for publication by Georgina Mear Orphan cubs Mish and Lucy were favorites of the Wildwood Trust near Canterbury, but have now bid farewell to their Kent home as they take the final step to their ‘forever home’ in Devon The little siblings were rescued from certain death and rehabilitated by the staff of the […]

New features at the Orana animal park

Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch has a few new arrivals – five young African antelopes, known as nyala. These are the first nyala, which are antelopes native to southern Africa, that Orana has ever owned. Distinguished by a short, fluffy tail and beautiful orange coats with white stripes, the elegant African antelopes attract the attention […]

Bird sanctuary and animal park of the Ba...

BY Dr JOSEPH KETANAnthropologist and politician PNG Mount Hagen-based scientist Baiyer Wildlife Sanctuary is 40 kilometers north of Mount Hagen in the Western Highlands province. It is a nature reserve for 185 species of birds, including birds of paradise, and eight species of mammals including opossums, marsupials, bandicoots and rodents. The property occupies an area […]