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Is animal tourism essential? | Condé N

In recent months, wildlife tourism, like almost all other types of travel, has suddenly come to a halt thanks to the pandemic. And the worry is that in the absence of tourists, the closure of India’s national parks will give poachers freedom of movement. But does the presence of safaris really deter poachers? “Most national […]

Wildlife tourism can pose disease threat...

Tourism is a powerful conservation tool, but when people get too close it can also facilitate the spread of dangerous pathogens. Brianna grant May 18, 2020 Find out more of our Covid-19 coverage. The current coronavirus pandemic, which has likely jumped humans from a market selling wildlife for meat, has shown us that zoonotic diseases […]

Madhya Pradesh to put more emphasis on w...

NEW DELHI: Madhya Pradesh, India’s Tiger State, reiterated its focus on wildlife tourism and strengthens its continued efforts to tackle the threats of climate change and global warming with a focus on wildlife conservation and improving forest dwellers. The state will also focus on creating favorable conditions for the conservation of tigers, especially the endangered […]

The bad side of animal tourism

Animals and “selfies” are perhaps the two most common types of photos on social media. So it’s perhaps no surprise that animal selfies are now a growing industry – an industry where animals are often abused. Photographer Kirsten Luce recently explored the trend in her exhibit The Dark Side of Wildlife Tourism at the Visa […]