Cotswold Wildlife Park closed today due to snow

The Cotswold Wildlife Park was closed again today due to snow.

It was also forced to close on weekends due to Storm Arwen.

Burford Wildlife Park is generally open year-round – with the exception of Christmas Day.

The park posted on Facebook: “To ensure the safety of our staff and visitors, the Cotswold Wildlife Park is closed today (Monday 29th November 2021) due to extreme weather conditions. We will keep you informed of any announcement on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page.

They added that they would get in touch if you booked an Animal Encounter, Keeper For A Day or Junior Keeper experience and there would be refunds or tickets to use on another day.

“Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

However, a potential visitor reacted with contempt.

Eliska Vyskočova replied: “You call half an inch of snow extreme conditions? Really?”

However, many understood the situation, saying the decision was the right one.

Michelle Cook posted: “I guess they are not opening as it is very cold. They would like to protect their visitors. They wouldn’t close for no reason, they need all the income they can get, after these 20 last months. .”

Jordan Hands said, “Half the animals would be hiding in their barns/houses, so it would be a lost trip.”

And Christine French to add: “Accidents can happen in this ice. They think about the safety of visitors. My road is like a skating rink.”

Reggie Heyworth, chief executive of the Cotswold Wildlife Park, said: “The roads around us are absolutely dangerous. We looked at the weather forecast and there was no prospect of the roads being safe by the time we open at 10am.

“We must make the decision no later than 8 a.m. to inform our staff.”

He said it would have been “completely irresponsible” to open the park because “you couldn’t see the parking lot” and the long drive was freezing.

“We are all being asked not to unduly burden the NHS at this time. If people who came here had had an accident, I would feel very, very guilty,” he said.

“Of course I would have loved to open – we had to close at Easter due to the pandemic. And I understand that if people stay here and there is a day when they can visit the park – whatever all they have to do is talk to us and we’ll give you a full refund or a ticket to use on another day.

“I think people would agree with me overall.”

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