Elephant chases safari jeep in Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, driver skills help avert tragedy

Several incidents of wild animals attacking humans have been reported recently in several parts of the country. Due to increasing deforestation and climate change, these wild animals have to enter places where people live. In a recent such incident, a wild elephant suddenly appeared in front of a car and started chasing it. The incident is believed to have taken place in Kabini National Park, near Mysuru.

In the video, shared by IAS Supriya Sahu on Twitter, a gigantic wild bull elephant can be seen heading towards a Mandira Safari jeep. It was thanks to the skill and presence of mind of the driver that he was able to save the lives of those on board the jeep.

The incident happened on a path built inside the national park for tourists to experience wildlife. In the video, the elephant can be seen standing in the middle of the road when suddenly the jeep approached it.

Watch the video below:

As soon as the driver noticed the elephant heading towards the jeep, he quickly put the gear in reverse and began to back up. The elephant got so close to the jeep that its trunk and tusk made contact with the vehicle. The driver, however, continued to look at the ORV mirror and continued to reverse.

The driver’s control over the vehicle was commendable. After chasing the jeep for some distance, the elephant stopped and moved towards the jungle.

In a separate incident, a man was trampled to death by a wild elephant in Assam’s Tamulpur district earlier this week. Police officials told IANS news agency that the victim was attacked by a herd of wild elephants as he walked into the nearby forest.

These human-elephant encounters have increased dramatically in recent years. Experts believe this is due to the continued depletion of forest cover in the state and wild animals entering human settlements in search of food.

Even last week, a wild elephant swam across the Brahmaputra River and entered the town of Tezpur in Assam. He made a massive rampage in the city, causing panic among the people. However, forest officers then pushed the elephant back into the forest.

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