Farm uses sunflowers for wildlife conservation

The Spalding Farm has created a unique way of sustaining and giving back to conservation.

They did this by planting a 100 acres farm full of sunflowers. The seeds are used to make bird food, while 4% of their sales go to wildlife conservation programs.

The 3000 tons seeds are used to make wild bird seed mixes which are then sold to online shoppers. Their business is growing more and more every year.

Nicholas Watts, a farmer, noted, “We never imagined this would happen, but every year goes by and we sell more seeds, and it’s great to think that there are so many people trying to do their part for the environment. “

The farm is also a kind of wildlife habitat in itself, as it is surrounded by ponds, hedges, and a mix of wildflowers that attract insects and birds.

Watts said, “If they want a more wildlife-friendly garden, they should have more flowers because flowers bring bugs and bugs bring birds.” I have always loved to feed birds and now I feed more than I could ever imagine.

This farm is an amazing example of people working hand in hand with local wildlife rather than against it. As well as creating a small business to the point where it can give back to nature and wildlife.

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