Five adorable newly born baby cheetahs at Fota Wildlife Park

Fota Animal Park has welcomed five new baby cheetahs to its zoo in recent weeks.

Fota Wildlife Park is one of County Cork’s most popular tourist attractions, welcoming visitors of all ages. In recent weeks, the zoo has welcomed a number of new residents, with five new baby cheetahs being born at Fota Animal Park.

The three-week-old cubs delight visitors who have the chance to spot the magnificent newborns.

This is the second litter from dam Gráinne, who is said to be doing well. A member of our team spoke to one of the caretakers last week, who informed us that all five cubs are considered healthy baby girls.

A protective mother – mom and baby have space

The mother and the babies settle down.
Credit: Instagram / @paulosxpics

Baby cheetahs are making their home at Fota Wildlife Park in County Cork, according to a keeper.

“We are giving Gráinne as much space as she needs at the moment. It is natural for the mother to be too careful and protective in the first few weeks.

“We haven’t had a chance to get too close to the cubs yet, but we’re pretty sure they’re all girls,” the keeper told us.

While the news has yet to be officially announced, Fota will soon be holding a contest to name the five new cubs. All of the animals born in Fota have traditional Irish names, so it’s time to think it over!

An ancient race – the oldest and fastest wild cat

Five adorable baby cheetahs born at Fota Animal Park.
Credit: Flickr / Tambako the Jaguar

Cheetahs are the oldest living wild cats in the world, the species dating back four million years. They are also known to be the fastest animal on the planet, reaching speeds of around 90 km / h.

The park‘s cheetah race is still one of the most popular attractions. While exciting visitors, the attraction allows animals to hunt for food just as they would in the wild.

The northern cheetah is highly endangered, with less than 800 currently living in the wild. These five new baby cheetahs born at Fota Animal Park will likely play a crucial role in the conservation of their beautiful species.

The threatened species – another success for conservation

Northern cheetahs are an endangered species.
Credit: Facebook / @FOTAWILDLIFE

Baby cheetahs have a high mortality rate in the wild, which contributes to the species being listed as endangered. So these five new baby cheetahs born at Fota Animal Park are a welcome addition to the park.

Gráinne had four cubs last year, and three males survived. The fourth cub sadly passed away in just a few days.

The park participates in the European endangered species selection program. By 1984, more than 200 cheetah cubs were born in the zoo.

What will the babies be called? – let the public decide

Five recently born baby cheetahs at the Fota animal park.
Credit: Pixabay / 12019

Gráinne’s first litter is just over a year old, and the winners of last year’s nomination contest took home a one-year ticket to the South Ireland Park. We are expecting something so exciting for this year’s competition.

We were lucky enough to spot the little cubs in the open air, while Mother Gráinne kept a very close gaze nearby. Like any mother, she has the right to be too protective in these first weeks.

We look forward to Fota’s official announcement, which will undoubtedly include high-quality photos of the gorgeous little furry babies.

So it’s time to think about the suggestions of how to call the five new little darlings. We would love to hear your suggestions for cute Irish names for furry little girls!

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