Fota Animal Park has been welcoming the first baby lemurs for 12 years and wants you to name them


Fota Animal Park has welcomed two baby lemurs and would like you to give them a name!

This is the first group of baby ring-tailed lemurs to be born in the park in 12 years. The first baby is a male born March 12 in Quincy, seven years old.

Quincy came to Fota from the Netherlands in 2019 as part of a group of four female lemurs.

Another female in this group, Aqua, gave birth to a female on April 10.

The father of the two babies, Collins, never met his cub as he sadly passed away the day before the male lemur was born on March 11.

Fota Wildlife Park is calling on the public to help name the two babies via an online survey at and offering a chance to win one of the park’s two annual conversation passes.

Chief Ranger Teresa Power said the tiny female lemur was “very fiery” and “bossy” towards her big brother.

“We are absolutely delighted with the birth of the two baby Ring-tailed Lemur, which is an endangered species, and they are now almost five and four months old,” she said.

“They are really at a perfect stage for the public to see as they can be seen daily hanging onto their mother’s backs on their island habitat or running through the purpose-built trellis tunnel from their home. .

“Even though she is smaller and younger than the male, the little female is very fiery and bossy towards her big brother.

“The two mothers and their babies live together with access to one of the lake’s wildflower islands, but we intend to mix them up with the rest of the group, all roaming free in the Palm Walk area.

“Katie was the last baby ring-tailed lemur born at the park about 12 years ago from her mother Joplin – they’re both still here and hopefully coming out with the new babies soon.”

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