Four family members fall in love with wildlife conservation in Odisha


Paradip: At a time when wildlife and bird poaching cases are on the increase, four family members here in Jagatsinghpur district have set an example for others by becoming animal and bird lovers.

Madhusmit Pati, 54, his brother Biraja Prasad, who is four years younger than him, his two sons Saswat (23) and Sourabh (14), are known to be avid animal and bird enthusiasts.

According to Rajnagar DFO, Bikash Ranjan Das, it is rare to find, at least in Odisha, that not one or two but up to four members of a family become animal lovers and participate in the animal and bird census.

When asked how it started, Madhusmit said he was working at Paradeep Phosphates Limited when he started working for the cause of animals and birds.

“In 1996, I founded an NGO called ‘Nature Club’ and started working for the conservation of wild animals in the Bhitarkanika sanctuary. In 2011, I was selected for the Ridley Bird and Olive Census Teams. And since then, I have been part of these teams, ”he said.

Following in his older brother’s footsteps, Biraja abandoned his BTech halfway and joined his brother. He got so involved in wildlife conservation that he barely had time to think about himself. He hasn’t gotten married yet.

He rescued many injured animals and reptiles, treated them and then released them back into the jungle.

Seeing their father and uncle since childhood, Saswat and Sourabh also fell in love with wild animals and the jungle.

Saswat said he was drawn to wildlife when he was only 13 years old. “During the holidays, I would go to the jungle, I would spend hours there clicking on photos. I had a fondness for birds, ”he observed.

His photographs of birds and tigers in Sundarban made him familiar with the forestry department. He was included in the bird census team in 2013. He is currently studying wildlife conservation at AR University Cambridge (UK). He has directed numerous short films on birds and tigers.

The wildlife photography virus has also bitten Sourabh. He is best known for his special talent at accurately identifying any bird. He has also been part of the bird census teams for four years now.

According to Madhusmit, in order to maintain a balance on earth, it is undeniable that the protection of animals and nature is essential.

“If we don’t start working for their conservation now, we won’t be able to escape destruction. I’m afraid it’s just a matter of time, “he said.

While citing Madhusmit and her family members as examples, the Regional Chief Curator, Forestry and Environment Department, Manoj Kumar Mohapatra said that if the students are interested in the conservation of wildlife and forests, they can have a brilliant career in this field and at the same time they will also have the chance to work for the preservation of nature. .


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