Herts zoo Paradise Wildlife Park confirms reopening date

9:46 PM April 3, 2021

12:06 5 April 2021

Popular Hertfordshire attraction Paradise Wildlife Park will reopen later this month.

White Stubbs Lane Family Zoo, Broxbourne, is due to reopen on Monday April 12 when the country reaches stage 2 of the government’s roadmap to exit lockdown.

Be sure to visit the Land of the Tigers habitat, which only opened in October 2020.

The world of dinosaurs is also back if you are feeling adventurous.

Dinosaur World at Paradise Wildlife Park.
– Credit: Paradise Wildlife Park.

While the wildlife park will finally be able to welcome visitors back from April 12, there will be a number of changes to the site.

As the country entered the third – and hopefully final – lockdown, teams at Paradise Wildlife Park set to work on how to create the best zoo experience for when the gates reopen.

While life outside the zoo seemed to have slowed down, the same cannot be said inside the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire site.

Behind closed doors, construction crews, garden crews and construction workers have all been busy putting together the latest developments.

Major changes have been made to the jaguar habitat, and the new Sun Bear Heights habitat has come a long way since the initial announcement last year.

Bears About The House star Giles Clark announces Paradise Wildlife Park's new habitat for 2021

Bears About The House star Giles Clark announces Paradise Wildlife Park’s new habitat for 2021 – Sun Bear Heights. Image: Paradise Animal Park
– Credit: Paradise Wildlife Park

A PWP spokesperson said: “Please note that as you walk through the park over the next few months there may be changes.

“Both habitats should open in the summer if all goes according to plan and there are no significant disruptions along the way.

“Paradise Wildlife Park truly appreciates your patience and understanding over the past year and how you have dealt with constant change.”

Paradise Wildlife Park is a primarily outdoor zoo and attraction with outdoor playgrounds and habitats to enjoy.

To make your zoo experience as safe as possible, the managers have implemented some COVID-19 safety measures such as a one-way system around the animal park and World of Dinosaurs, as well as additional disinfection stations.

Paradise animal park

Paradise Wildlife Park reopens on April 12, and the animals at the zoo can’t wait to see visitors again.
– Credit: Paradise Wildlife Park

A card payment system is in place and the zoo will not accept cash.

Takeaway meals will be available on the outdoor terraces.

Masks must also be worn in all indoor areas and visitors will be asked to respect social distancing measures.

There is a maximum number of visitors to the site per day to avoid massive crowds.

The reservation system on the website is there so that Paradise can ensure staggered entry of visitors to the park evenly throughout the day.

You can pre-book your tickets from April 12 on the PWP website www.pwpark.com

Red panda Nam Pang at Paradise Wildlife Park.

Red panda Nam Pang at Paradise Wildlife Park.
– Credit: Alex Hutt

Cameo starts at Paradise Wildlife Park

If you can’t wait until April 12, you can now receive personalized video messages from the animals at Paradise Wildlife Park.

Cameo is an online video messaging service that is taking the world by storm.

Public Relations Manager Anna Tank said: “Paradise Wildlife Park has partnered with Cameo to provide personalized video messages to our amazing animal supporters.

“Perfect for any special occasion or animal lover, our Cameo messages are sure to be a gift to treasure forever.

“Paradise Wildlife Park is proud to be the first zoo in the UK to partner with Cameo, providing the first animal messaging service to its amazing supporters.”

All you have to do is choose which animal you want a Cameo from and send your message.

Tyrannosaurus Rex at World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park.

Tyrannosaurus Rex at World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park.
– Credit: Paradise Wildlife Park.

You can choose from Jessie the snow leopard, Moto the white lion, Nam Pang the red panda, Mr Jingles the two-toed sloth, or Rex the T-Rex.

Funds raised through Cameo will go directly to charity The Zoological Society of Hertfordshire.

It will then be reinvested in the welfare of PWP’s animals by providing food, breeding, health checks and general upkeep of their habitat and zoo.

A sloth at Paradise Wildlife Park

A sloth at Paradise Wildlife Park.
– Credit: Paradise Wildlife Park

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