Johnny Depp spotted holding a small badger in Kent Wildlife Sanctuary | Johnny Depp

On the final leg of his UK tour, days after winning a multi-million dollar libel suit against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp was spotted holding a badger in Kent.

“Guess who came to see us,” Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday, which received thousands of likes. “It’s the real Johnny Depp!”

The actor visited during a break from touring with musician Jeff Beck, patron of the charity. Depp accompanied Beck’s wife, Sandra, the charity wrote, as they toured the hospital and he held an orphan badger, Freddie – “just like in Mercury”, he added.

The US libel lawsuit ended Wednesday in Depp’s favor, with the court finding that a Washington Post op-ed written by Heard defamed her former husband.

Johnny Depp performs at the Royal Albert Hall with Jeff Beck – video

Three of Depp’s claims were supported, against one of Heard’s three claims. The parties were awarded $10.35m (£8.25m) and $2m respectively, prompting an outcry from experts in the field of sexual and domestic violence, who called the verdict of “toxic disaster” and “setback for all”. women”. Heard plans to appeal.

In a statement after the verdict, Depp said “the jury gave me back my life”, six years after he was charged with domestic violence. “I’m really humbled,” he said.

On the association’s Facebook post, a user wrote: “Be nice if he donates his payment to you, he doesn’t need the money!” Another said: “How fantastic! What a great way for him to unwind after a horrible time!

The outcome of the libel case was different from that in the UK less than two years ago. In 2020, Depp lost a case against the Sun after Heard testified to support the newspaper’s claims that he was a “wife-beater”. The judge found that 12 of the 14 alleged incidents of domestic violence against Heard had occurred.

Depp v Heard: key turning points in the seven-week trial – video

On Tuesday evening, ahead of the US verdict, Depp appeared on stage alongside Beck, 77, at the Royal Albert Hall for a second consecutive night, and was greeted with a standing ovation. Before that, he made a surprise appearance at the musician’s show in Sheffield.

His presence in the UK surprised many as he awaited the verdict in what turned into one of Hollywood’s most toxic and televised legal battles. After the US verdict, Heard’s lead attorney said the seven-member jury had been influenced by “unbalanced” social media posts and that the presence of cameras had turned the courtroom into a “zoo”.

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Folly Wildlife Rescue works to rescue and rehabilitate injured, orphaned and distressed wildlife in West Kent and surrounding areas.

Beck’s UK tour continues at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Friday before continuing to Manchester, Birmingham and elsewhere.

Speaking to fans in the north of England on Thursday night, Depp reportedly joked about the middle finger that he alleged his ex-wife was partially cut in a domestic fight, one of the key points of the civil case.

“You have five, I have four and seven eighths,” Depp allegedly told a child. “Mad.”

During the US trial, Depp said he was injured in 2015 by a smashed vodka bottle, which Heard threw. During the last week of testimony, a surgeon witness to Heard testified that Depp could not have lost his fingertip the way he told it.

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