Kolhapur: a tiger spotted in the Dajipur wildlife reserve | Kolhapur News

KOLHAPUR: Much to the delight of foresters, wildlife enthusiasts and tourists visiting Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary – famous for its flagship species of Indian Gaur (bison) – a tiger was spotted here on Monday night while a vehicle safari with tourists was near the plateau of Savrai.
This is the first time a tiger has been sighted by tourists in Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary. Earlier, in 2019, the forest department managed to get camera trap images of a tiger in the Radhanagari-Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary.
Srirang Chougale, a Hupari resident in Hatkanangle tehsil who spotted the tiger, said: “I had gone on the safari with my family and friends. We were a little sad because no animals were seen on entering. Returning around 5:15pm while we were near the Sawarai Plateau lookout tower, our guide Sanket Jadhav showed us a herd of bison about 300 meters from our vehicle. When our jeep approached them, the bison went on alert and started making noise. When we looked closely, a tiger was seen passing from the area. We tried to click the pictures, but couldn’t get it due to low light.
He added: “We had come here to see bison, but we were lucky enough to see a tiger. We are happy to be the first to spot a tiger in Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary.
Beef carcass found
A beef carcass was found on Monday evening in the Kitawde forest area, near the Ajara-Amboli region. Foresters believe the hunting style resembles that of a slain tiger and a team from the Forestry Department is investigating whether they could get any traces of the big cat in the area. So far, the tiger has never been spotted in the Kitawde forest region.
Ajara Region Ranger Smita Dake said: “A farmer from Kitawde, Dattatreya Zendu Chavan, had left his cattle free for grazing last week, but one of them has gone missing. On Monday evening, the beef carcass was found in the forest area. After getting information, our Forester Suresh Gurav and Ranger Rahul Kamble went to the spot and found that the ox had been chased from behind and also had neck injuries. It is possible that the tiger comes from the region of Chandgad or Amboli.
Ranger Kamble said: ‘The place where the ox was found is in extreme interiors. We also searched today (Tuesday) but no tiger marks were found nearby, but the hunting style indicates it could be a tiger kill. There are also leopards around, but killing a normal sized ox is not easy for leopards.

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