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Lincolnshire Trading Standards has said it cannot handle complaints from drivers who have received incorrect fines at Lincoln’s Tritton Road Retail Park, where Curry’s, HomeSense and Pets at Home are based.

it comes after Lincolnite put the focus back on the shady fines at the retail park, where people were charged £ 100 for allegedly leaving the scene – but they had receipts to prove they had shopped there during that time.

The parking lot is operated by UKPC, which has so far failed to respond to all of our media inquiries, and many other frustrated motorists have reported difficulty in trying to get their hands on the company.

UKPC being inaccessible and more and more people with similar issues, Lincolnite called to the on-site parking attendant to explain the situation, but said he was “not allowed to comment”.

Then, Lincolnite contacted Lincolnshire Trading Standards, who said they did not have the authority to deal with a complaint when a customer, for example, says they did not leave the site, despite the parking charges claimed.

Instead, Trading Standards says it should go through the process of appealing to the ticket with the parking operator, and then to POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals), which is a private dispute resolution company created and funded by the British Parking Association (BPA) – and UKPC is a member.

However, if a parking company did not properly display their terms and conditions, or if their terms and conditions were found to be unfair, then Trading Standards would be allowed to intervene.

POPLA is therefore the service that people should use if they received a ticket, appealed, and then had their appeal rejected. And if people have had their charges canceled, but want to complain about the way the business is operating, it should be sent back to BPA.

UKPC Ltd signage at Tritton Road Retail Park. A sticker was visibly placed on the no-parking hours last year. | Photo: Lincolnite

If you are fined, it is advisable not to automatically pay it right away, according to MoneySavingExpert.

Jackie Reid’s parking fees (left) and a receipt proving she purchased items from Home Bargains (right) at Tritton Road Retail Park.

The BPA did not address the issues with improper fines imposed by Lincoln, but instead said in a statement, “We understand that no one likes getting a parking ticket and about 80% of motorists don’t.

“Parking operators cannot always know all of the circumstances at the time a ticket is issued, and some tickets are canceled when additional information is revealed.

“If you receive a ticket that you feel is unfair or was issued in error, contact the operator who issued it to appeal in writing providing any evidence.

“If an appeal is rejected, the operator will provide details of the independent appeal service for BPA members, POPLA, which provides independent repair to motorists in England.

“We are investigating potential violations of our code of practice which the public can submit through our online portal. “

Lincolnite has also contacted POPLA and is awaiting a response. We asked the Mediation Service how many complaints and appeals have been received so far this year regarding the UKPC-operated Tritton Road Retail Park car park, and of these, how many have been successful.

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