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Guardians say diamondback turtle “stood a mile and a half away”

Staff believe the diamondback turtle was an abandoned pet in the park

Author: Matt SoanesPosted on July 27, 2021
Last updated on July 27, 2021

Keepers at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park have discovered a mysterious turtle that somehow ended up in one of its enclosures.

The “extinct” 4-inch diamond turtle was found in one of their enclosures, alongside other larger members of its species.

Keepers say the small animal “stood a mile and a half away” as the park is mainly home to larger Trachemys turtles.

It is believed to be a pet that was abandoned by its previous owners in the park in secret.

He has now been removed from the enclosure and is being treated for an eye condition.

Andy Ferguson, of the charity, said:

“The swift actions of our teams saved this little guy from possible injury and even possible drowning in the compound, we transferred him to an individual quarantine tank for observations while we await instructions from the veterinarian for the treatment of his eyes “

“Pet turtles are not used to living in natural ponds, outdoors and with other species. By placing the animal in this pond, the owner has put his life at risk – rather than what we suspect to be the intention – giving him a better life.

“We provide forever homes for thousands of animals at the sanctuary and we are here to help the animals not judge owners, so if you are thinking of settling down, contact us.”

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, established in 1990 near Boston, is home to the National Turtle Sanctuary.

It is home to over 200 turtles that were abandoned or rescued from homes that could no longer care for them.

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