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Lincolnshire residents resumed queuing at petrol stations on Saturday morning after some motorists panicked over buying fuel over fears of shortages.

Gas stations in Lincoln, Grantham and across the county are experiencing queues in traffic jams, which has prompted Lincolnshire Police to call on motorists to stop panic shopping as there is no fuel shortage overall – although some local garages are experiencing low supplies.

“If you hamper the emergency services and cause unnecessary delays you are putting lives at risk,” Lincolnshire Police said.

The Shell garage on Manthorpe Rd in Grantham was closed on Saturday morning. | Photo: RSM Photography

The force said in a statement on Saturday morning: “This is a potential danger to vehicles making other journeys and can cause difficulties for emergency services trying to reach people in need.

“While we appreciate that some people are particularly keen to refuel their vehicles this weekend, we respectfully ask motorists to be reasonable when they deem to join a line at a gas station. .

“If it’s too long, consider coming back at another time. “

Queues at BP Bridge End Road in Grantham on Saturday. | BP Bridge End Road

Rescuers struggle to get fuel

A Lincolnshire rescuer wrote to Lincolnite to recount their experience after a hard day’s work, trying to refuel:

“I am currently on the fumes and I have not been able to refuel [Friday], mainly because after 13/14 hour shifts often without a break (due to NHS pressure from people abusing the system) working on ambulances I barely have the energy to go home It doesn’t matter if you stand in line for 30 more minutes for people to refuel unnecessarily (AND THIS INCLUDES THE FUEL CAN FILL LIGHT – one person fills their car AND THREE cans of fuel).

“My days off are precious to me right now, like many of us, so I’m going to have to risk refueling on the morning of my next shift when there probably won’t be any available. It’s not just me who is in pain, what’s next, the staff not being able to get to work because of this? Are people not getting the medical help they need on time? Hospital staff can’t get to work? Police and firefighters unable to respond to emergencies?

“Come on guys, go out on your own and think of other people besides yourself, you should be ashamed of yourself!”

“This is the first lockdown again where essential workers, emergency services, hospital and nursing home staff are struggling to get essential BASIC items.

“Why do we bother to risk our health and our lives for others (we are still in a pandemic) when people cannot even behave normally and not act selfishly – if people were buying items like d Usually there wouldn’t be a “crisis” because it’s poorly worded, there is enough stock out there on the shelves and in the pumps if people are behaving well.

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