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Whether it’s watering the alligators, bottle-feeding baby goats, playing with dingo puppies and rotating animals around the enclosures, there’s still a lot going on behind closed doors at Animal Park. Oakvale.

ADORABLE: Oakvale Wildlife Park Ranger Angus Hobbs-Haigh and Curator Angela Lambert with the eight week old dingo puppies Al and Ed. The puppies will be heading to a new home in Victoria on August 23rd.

Doors may be closed to the public, but the show still continues at Oakvale Wildlife Park.

Guardians have taken care of caring for the park’s many residents, including the new wallabies, kangaroos and koala joeys, filling the void left in the lives of animals without visitor interaction and improving the fields and facilities at Salt Ash Park.

“At the end of the day, animals always have to be fed, watered and for those who need medicine, get their medicine, so we’re always here to do it,” Oakvale curator Angela Lambert said.

“While it’s not ideal to be closed, we make the most of it. We use that time to get to work that we might not have had time to do before and make improvements that we do. could not have if there were visitors, like digging the camel field. “

The animals miss the interaction with the guests, which is a rewarding experience for them. But they can also get rich by changing their usual routine.

“When we are open to the public, we have discussions, meals and scheduled times. All schedules are gone, but that means we can focus more of our attention on the animals and other enrichment activities,” Ms. Lambert said.

Spending time with the dingo puppies Ed and Al is not a difficult task for sitters. However, a farewell is on the horizon.

Their transfer will ultimately aid conservation efforts by keeping the nation’s dingo gene pool healthy.

In a related vein, three koala joeys born in Oakvale in the past 10 months will also contribute to conservation efforts. The park’s female koalas, Koda, Karri, and Tilli, are proud new moms.

Oakvale is now home to 12 koalas, including a new male, Jiri, who moved in four months ago.

Oakvale is set to release a new meerkat, a male named Khumo, in their exhibit and also added an echidna, named Edna, to the park three months ago.

There are also a number of new wallaby and kangaroo joeys in the park, which arrive in time for spring, as well as baby goats and sheep.

Oakvale owners Kent and Leanne Sansom encourage residents to support locals wherever they can because “every time you support a small local business, you support a local family.”

Anyone wishing to support Oakvale during the lockdown period can do so by going to their website and purchasing vouchers or an annual membership.

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