Owner describes plan to turn Tollerton Hall into a wildlife sanctuary

A businessman who owns Tollerton Hall has said he plans to create a wildlife preserve on the grounds that could house deer and alpacas – but he’s open to suggestions.

Since Ian Kershaw bought the stately home four years ago, work has taken place to make it a home for his family, but now he wants to create something different.

The lobby is located on a 20,000 square foot site and Mr. Kershaw’s Kaaimans International business occupies approximately 1,000 square feet, with separate entrance and parking.

The 52-year-old had previously moved his car sales business to part of the site as part of his renovation project.

Now his plan is to take about 25 acres out of the 100 acres of land to make it a wildlife preserve.

He said: “I have to learn a little bit about it, I don’t really have any experience in this area.

“I would like to put deer and alpacas but I am open to all suggestions.

“We already have badgers and have planted 30-40 fruit trees in the past month or so.

“We have already planted a few hundred trees.”

Mr. Kershaw’s passion for wildlife and his love for animals were the main reason for his new adventure.

He added: “The goal is to improve the wildlife, the wildlife is fun to watch and to have that kind of sight.

“There is a stream running through it, I do the setup and then I determine which animals are most suitable.

“I love animals, I love nature, I thought it would be a good thing to do.”

The shrine will not be open to the public, but he intends to ask local schools to come and visit it when it opens.

Mr Kershaw hopes the shrine will be up and running by Easter next year.

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