Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary Records Rise in Rhino Population

A census of the rhinoceros population was carried out in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The entire wildlife sanctuary was divided into nine blocks for rhino counting, with 11 enumerators and 9 observers from various organizations deployed over the two days.

The assessment was carried out using the Block Count method by forest officers, volunteers from NGOs like Aranyak, WWF, Elephant Foundation, local NGO-Hipa among others.

The census team garnered great support from actively participating local communities, district administration, police, conservation partners, the Jeep Safari Owners Association, hoteliers and resort owners. resort.

107 rhinos were counted comprising 30 males, 50 females and 27 fawns at Pobitora, an increase of 5 animals from the last count of 102 in 2018.

With a notified area spanning 38.81 km², Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the highest population density of rhinos. No poaching incident has been reported in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary since 2014.

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