Rare Black Tiger Spotted In Similipal Wildlife Reserve, Video Goes Viral

Baripada: A rare black tiger has been spotted in Similipal National Park in Mayurbhanj district. The video of the black tiger has gone viral on social media. The 16-second video captured in a camera trap was shared on Twitter. It shows a black tiger trying to climb a tree inside the Similipal Wildlife Reserve. Later, we see him walking around.

The video was shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan, along with a caption and additional details about the rare species. Kaswan wrote: “The black tigers of India”. Do you know that there are pseudo-melanistic tigers found in Similipal. They are due to a genetic mutation and very rare.

The video gained instant popularity as Twitter users admired the rarely seen wild animal. Similarly, another IFS officer, Susanta Nanda, also shared the video on her Twitter page with a caption “Tigers are the symbol of the sustainability of Indian forests… Sharing an interesting clip of a rare melanistic tiger marking its territory on International Tiger Day. From a tiger reserve about to recover an isolated source population with a very unique gene pool. Glory.”

Notably, Royal Bengal Tigers (RBT) living in the jungle scratch tree trunks to prevent other tigers from straying into their areas. Black or pseudo-melanistic tigers – with a distinctive dark stripe pattern on a light white or gold background – are rare and have only been camera-trapped at Similipal so far and the species lives in Similipal Wildlife Sanctuary for 30 years. .

The reason behind the majestic black stripes of melanistic tigers is mutation. These are RBTs with a single base mutation in a particular gene. This mutation causes the tigers’ distinctive black stripes to grow larger and spread across the orange background. Experts are of the opinion that different mutations in this particular gene cause identical changes in the coat color of other species of cats, including cheetahs.

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