Scentbird launches fragrance line, a sanctuary, to support wildlife conservation


With an ongoing mission to advance the health of the planet and reduce its carbon footprint, Sanctuary presents its first two fragrances, Red panda and Amur Leopard, inspired by those species that face a high risk of extinction. Sanctuary will donate 20% of all proceeds to Red Panda Network and Phoenix Fund respectively, because the organizations are committed to saving these animals.

“We are grateful for Sanctuary’s commitment to the conservation of the red panda,” says Terrance Fleming, Development Manager at Red Panda Network. “Their donations will support our community programs of research, education, habitat protection and restoration, anti-poaching and sustainable livelihoods.”

From pre-production to final design, Sanctuary strives for sustainability with systems thinking by pursuing meticulous certifications and ensuring that every ingredient meets the Sanctuary standard to not harm animals, humans or the environment. . Sanctuary uses recyclable boxes and perfume pouches certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, mycelium-based packaging made from fungi, insulation produced from fully compostable US-grown corn, post-industrial recycled glass as well as organic glass based vegetable inks.

“Changing production and consumption patterns in the perfume industry as well as advocating for the conservation of our environment are key parts of the brand’s DNA,” says Mariya Nurislamova, Founder and CEO of Scentbird. “We are determined and honored to help provide animal welfare organizations with the tools they need to create an animal sanctuary. We hope this will inspire a positive step towards building a better future and animal safety. “

Red panda and Amur Leopard are now available on with prices set at $ 26 for a travel flask and $ 98 for a full size bottle. The shrine can also be found on For more information, please visit

About Sanctuary

At Sanctuary, we are committed to creating fragrances for a better future. Our mission is to create an ecosystem conducive to change, defending good stewardship of our planet that will not only support, but truly nourish our environment, our wildlife and each other. We are working towards the day when our whole world will be a sanctuary for every living being.

About Scentbird

Scentbird is the very first fragrance subscription service to offer a sustainable approach to fragrances. With over 600 niche and designer brands ranging from Jason wu Versace, Scentbird allows consumers to discover new scents of their choice every month.

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