The new Bird Paradise animal park will open in the second quarter of 2023

Mandai Wildlife Group CEO, Mike Barclay, said: “When the Mandai rejuvenation project was considered, we wanted Bird Paradise to exemplify our commitment to operating open, immersive wildlife parks that put animal welfare at the fore. center of what we do.”

“The support facilities are also of the highest standard, including a state-of-the-art avian hospital and extensive breeding facility,” he added.

Bird Paradise will also provide the group with a platform to continue its education programs, capacity building initiatives and work to protect endangered bird species in the region, he said.

As part of a push for sustainability across the precinct, Mandai Wildlife Group said Bird Paradise will apply to be certified under the Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework.

It will install solar panels on the roof where space is available and incorporate “passive design to achieve thermal comfort and avoid glare in large visitor spaces”.

“More than 5,000 trees have also been planted throughout the park to recreate natural habitats and provide shade for visitors,” the group said, adding that energy-efficient hybrid ventilation systems would be used to replace air conditioning. as far as possible.

“For areas where air conditioning is required, water and energy saving measures will be implemented, allowing spaces such as Penguin Cove to achieve Green Mark Platinum for non-residential buildings.”

Editor’s note: Jurong Bird Park’s closing date has been corrected in this article.

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