The United States ranks among the best in the world for wildlife tourism, with Canada in tenth


In a new wildlife travel index, the United States beats South Africa and Kenya for first place, with Canada in tenth place.

When most people think of wildlife travel, they think of Africa safaris – but a new study puts the United States at the top of the list for wildlife travel, which means nature lovers don’t You may not have to travel so far from home to spot animals in their natural habitats. Game drives and nature reserves have long offered travelers a great way to experience a new place in a different way, spend time in nature, and (hopefully) get a glimpse of some of the most magnificent creatures. of the world.

Of course, to see these incredible animals, most people think that you have to travel far from home … and it’s rarely cheap. However, wildlife travel doesn’t necessarily mean expensive African safaris. A new clue puts the good ol ‘United States at the top of the list of global wildlife travel destinations, bringing home some astonishing sightings (and photos).

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This Global Wildlife Travel Index was created by A real luxury trip, based on a number of factors, including biodiversity and conservation efforts. The United States ranks first on this index, followed by Venezuela, Brazil, Thailand and Tanzania to complete the top five. The index also takes natural history museums and national parks into consideration for its ranking, both of which play a big role in ranking the United States as the best in the world.

Canada and Australia also managed to make it to the top ten, with surprising entries including European destinations Croatia, Italy and Sweden in the top twenty. Many traditional safari destinations such as South Africa, Kenya and Zambia also rank well, but not as high as some might expect, given the popularity of wildlife tourism there.

Of course, any ranking of travel destinations will be a matter of opinion, especially when it comes to wildlife travel. Some of the things considered in this index (like pioneers of national parks and natural history museums) may not be something travelers want to consider if they are desperate for photos of giraffes in the wild. . Even national parks may not appeal to adventure travelers if they want more assurance that they will spot wildlife, which traditional safaris are usually able to offer. However, it’s fantastic to see the beautiful national parks and many conservation programs in the United States being fully recognized, and the country being praised as a travel destination for more than the big cities.

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Source: A real luxury trip

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