Training on Developing a National Parks Management Plan and Developing a Wildlife Conservation and Protection Plan for Wildlife-Free Hunting Areas – Story

Participants from several regional and provincial offices of DNP and DMCR were invited, such as Regional Office of Protected Areas 5, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Hat Chao Mai National Park, Mu Koh Petra National Park, National Park of Mu Koh Lanta, Mu Koh Libong Non-Wildlife Hunting Area, DMCR-Office of Marine and Coastal Resources 7 Trang, the Lower Andaman Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center and Trang Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment.

The training included key elements for the development of the management plan, for example, the related policies, the law and the framework for the development of the national park management plan and the conservation and wildlife protection plans for the non-wildlife hunting areas. Good practice of protected area management plan, regulations, terms and conditions of public hearing procedures were shared with the participants. Assessment tools for the management of protected areas; for example, SWOT-TOWS, Conflict Mapping and the IUCN Green List Standard were introduced to participants. Keynote speakers from DNP, Kasetsart University and Prince of Songkla Nakarin University were invited to share their technical knowledge and ideas with the participants.

Currently National Parks Act BE 2562 and Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act BE 2562, all National Parks have required all protected areas under the administration of the DNP to develop a National Park Management Plan , and wildlife sanctuary and non-wildlife hunting areas shall develop wildlife conservation and protection plans. The DNP has prioritized the engagement of communities and local authorities in the planning process by developing guidelines for the national park management plan and for the conservation and wildlife protection plan for the sanctuaries of wildlife and wildlife-free hunting areas to apply in their development process. After that, the marine protected areas targeted in this project will complete the 1st draft their plan and organize the public hearing events for the final stage of plan completion accordingly.

This activity was organized within the framework of the project activities on which IUCN and the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) have agreed to collaborate for the implementation of the “Project for the conservation and management of coastal ecosystems and sailors” in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan and Thailand. , Vietnam and China. The project aims to 1) strengthen the capacities of managers of marine protected areas (MPAs) in the target countries, 2) strengthen the management of selected MPAs in the beneficiary countries; and 3) strengthen regional cooperation on the conservation and management of intertidal wetlands in the Yellow Sea.

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