Trumbull County Wildlife Sanctuary Birds in Flight is moving to a new home in Canfield, says founder Heather Merritt

VIENNA TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – A wildlife sanctuary based in Trumbull County is moving to Canfield.

Birds in Flight purchased over 80 acres of land off Columbiana-Canfield Road from the Zarlenga family.

The sanctuary was founded 31 years ago and is based in Trumbull County. Founder Heather Merritt says they spent the last year looking for a new location after someone wanted to reclaim the property in Vienna Township that the sanctuary originally purchased and Merritt agreed to.

Merritt says a few people showed up to help Birds in Flight acquire the Canfield property, which gave them a five-year head start on construction time. She says the land is “perfect”.

“It was hard to leave Trumbull County because I’ve always been a Trumbull County girl, but it looks like we’re moving in. People are accepting and welcoming us, which is wonderful,” he said. she declared.

The sanctuary will start moving cages to Canfield on Friday, but with more than 200 animals currently in its care, it will take time.

Merritt hopes to have everything up and running at Canfield by the end of July.

She points out that the sanctuary will continue to provide the same service to the 40 counties it serves.

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