Tubthumping: Bears stay cool at BC Wildlife Park

The bears are playing in a tub. (BC Wildlife Park)

Tubthumping: Bears stay cool at BC Wildlife Park

Two grizzlies play in a tub at Kamloops Wildfire Park

Splish, splash two bears were taking a swim on a long Thursday afternoon at BC Wildlife in Kamloops.

The two grizzlies kept cool from the summer heat in a bathtub filled with water donated by Surplus Herby’s.

In an Instagram post, a bear can be seen cautiously climbing out of the den into the tub, but wastes no time in throwing the tub and hitting it like it’s a toy.

Another bear walked straight into the tub, “thinking everything was fine”.

Zookeepers at the animal park have found interesting ways to keep animals hydrated and cool during the heatwave that has gripped much of the province.

On June 24, grizzly bears were treated to bear-sized popsicles made from fruits and wildflowers.

However, popsicles aren’t for everyone, zookeepers noted, owls prefer a light mist, while bison want a full spray from a hose. Balu the turkey likes the shade under a parasol and the moose have a pond to splash around in.

Check out the BC Wildlife Park Instagram for more fun.

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