‘Twisted Person’ Shoots Dead Rescue Birds in Hinckley Wildlife Preserve in Series of Attacks


A “crooked person” killed several birds at a Hinckley wildlife sanctuary.

The birds of Little Souls Wildlife Rescue have been fired several times in recent weeks. In the latest incident, five birds were slaughtered within 36 hours.

The center is now at risk of closing because staff do not want to endanger the creatures in their care.

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A dove and a raven, which were ready to be released, were killed earlier this month, and in July a jackdaw was shot with an air rifle while in an enclosure.

Describing the person responsible for the killings as a “crooked person,” a spokesperson for the center said on Facebook: “We cannot risk leaving animals where they can be killed for no reason, and without a training enclosure, we will be extremely limited to what we accept.

“We have spent so much time and money on the paddocks and it looks like it will all be for naught.

“Unless we can find another piece of land to use that is safe and where the animals won’t get shot, that could be the end of Little Souls.” ”

The remaining birds had to be moved to less suitable housing to ensure their safety.

LeicestershireLive has contacted Little Souls for comment.

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