Two girls and a boy! Highland Wildlife Park reveals sex of baby snow leopards

Zookeepers have revealed the gender of three baby snow leopards born at Highland Wildlife Park earlier this year.

The gorgeous eight-week-old cubs underwent their first routine health check, which confirmed they are two girls and a boy.

The trio of tiny newcomers, who are doing well, are expected to be named soon.

Highland Wildlife Park‘s Living Collections Manager, Keith Gilchrist, said: “We were delighted to welcome three baby snow leopards to Mama Animesh and Daddy Koshi for the first time earlier this summer. It is very exciting to learn that we have two little girls and a boy and that the three little ones are in good health.

“They are already getting more confident every day and it’s amazing to watch them grow and develop. Some lucky visitors have already been able to spot them as they have started to explore further from the cubs’ den.

“Like all the animals in our care, our snow leopards play an important role in attracting and engaging thousands of visitors every year so they can learn about the threats the animals face in the wild and the the steps they can take to help Their power to connect people to nature and encourage behavior change is invaluable.

“We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the park’s 50th anniversary”

In the wild, snow leopards can be found in remote mountainous regions of Central Asia.

The three snow leopards should be named soon. Provided by Highland Wildlife Park/RZSS.

Now protected across much of their natural range, snow leopard populations continue to be threatened due to declining prey availability and human conflict.

Mr Gilchrist added: “It has been a fantastic birth year here at the park with our three baby tigers who recently turned one year old and Brodie, our adorable polar bear cub, continues to win the hearts of our visitors.

“Now, with the addition of our trio of baby snow leopards, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the park’s 50th anniversary.”

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[Two girls and a boy! Highland Wildlife Park reveal gender of snow leopard cubs]


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