University of Gujarat offers course on wildlife conservation


As human-wildlife conflicts escalate and the state’s sanctuaries and natural parks come under increasing human influence, the University of Gujarat plans to create a framework of ‘students capable of understanding and meeting challenges. The zoology department will be offering a master’s course in wildlife biology and conservation starting this academic year. The department has so far offered a six-month degree in the same field, but decided to take the master’s course after releasing that the subject requires further study.

Interestingly, given the high number of people with a non-scientific background who are interested in wildlife and conservation and even have hands-on experience in this area, the university is also planning to offer a bridging course from next year. “Non-science students can take the bridging course first and then apply for the same. I have met many people who may not have studied science subjects but have an excellent knowledge of wildlife, conservation and ecology. They should not be prevented from making a meaningful contribution because they do not have a science degree, “said Dr Kaid Johar, associate professor who also designed the program.

“The course will cover many aspects related to wildlife and conservation including biotechnology and conservation breeding, ecotourism, forestry, among others,” said Dr Johar.

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