Warm alarm sounded in İzmir wildlife park

Warm alarm sounded in Izmir natural life park

When temperatures in Izmir rise above 40 degrees, a hot alarm has been raised in the Natural Life Park. Animals that lose their appetite due to the heat appreciate the specially prepared frozen menu and find the opportunity to cool off when entering the water.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to Kazan CityA warm alarm has been raised in the Izmir Natural Life Park, which is billed as one of Europe’s leading zoos. In order to help feed animals that had lost their appetites due to the hot weather, food prepared according to their eating habits was frozen in ice molds. The inhabitants of the park, who ate this “cool menu” with appetite, both cooled down and filled their bellies. The inhabitants of the park, who prefer shaded areas of their shelters to protect themselves from temperatures that occasionally reach 40 degrees, try to cool off by entering the water at every opportunity.

Both healthy and cool

Stating that the food is served with meat or various fruits in glazed molds, İzmir Animal Park Director Şahin Afşin said: “In this way, the animals are both healthy fed and cooled down. . While lemurs, bears and hyenas thoroughly enjoy this cold treat, the Bengal tiger prefers to cool off by swimming more. The elephant family, meanwhile, feasts on them under cold water after eating their frozen fruits. Special menus are created by biologists in our kitchen. In summer, visitors prefer to visit the Tropical Center. Because the temperature is constant here in summer and winter and is 26 degrees,” he said.

It’s hot but the animal park is beautiful

Canan Gökdağ, who came to Izmir from Kocaeli to visit his family, said, “We came to Natural Life Park for the first time. It is very hot, but we were not overwhelmed. I can’t even compare İzmir with other animal parks in Turkey… Especially their prices are very economical. We saw animals being fed ice. “The children were very interested,” he says.

Couple Çınar and Whitney Yılmaz, who came to Izmir from the Netherlands and visited the Natural Life Park for the second time, said: “Children really like this place. There is a wide variety of animals here. No overcrowding. The area is very large. It’s very hot, but we leave here happy.

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