Wild elephant from Guwahati Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary having fun in the children’s park Watch video

Image source: ANI A wild elephant plays in a children’s park in Guwahati

A wild elephant from Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary was seen playing and having fun in a children’s park at Narangi Army Cantt in Guwahati in Assam.

The “jumbo” was seen playing through one of the swing sets set up in the park.

It seems the elephant really liked swings that had tires attached. The jumbo was seen swirling around, rocking the tires back and forth. Looked:

Earlier, the Tripura Forest Department, as part of its efforts to reduce human-wildlife conflict, decided to use GPS-enabled devices to track the movement of elephants, the deputy wildlife chief ranger said. KG Roy.

A Bengaluru-based company has been awarded the task of fitting radio collars around the necks of elephants and the work is expected to be completed by December this year.

“The radio collars will help us track the movement of wild elephants. We can take action to push them back into the forests if they are near human habitation,” Roy told PTI.

At least 50 incidents of human-elephant conflict have been recorded in the state since 2019.

“We have settled 30 such cases so far. The rest will also be taken care of soon,” the deputy director of wildlife protection said.

Previously, West Bengal, Uttarakhand, Chhatisgarh among others used radio collars to minimize human-jumbo conflicts.

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