Wildlife sanctuary urgently needs to raise £6,500 to secure new planning permission

The future of the Wildwings Wildlife Sanctuary based at Taylor Business Park, Risley, Warrington, is again in jeopardy and urgently needs to raise £6,500 to secure new planning permission to remain on the site.

Almost five years after being granted planning permission, Carole Rose and Ian Middleton, who run the Wildwings Birds of Prey Wildlife Sanctuary, have been told by Warrington Borough Council planners, that they must now submit a new authorization request.

Launching an appeal on their facebook page, Carole and Ian said: “Our planning permission has only been granted for 5 years due to future plans for HS2. Which expires in April this year, yes in just 2 months!

“HS2 have confirmed that they are happy that we have an extension until December 2025. Our owners have also kindly agreed to this extension.

“Unfortunately Council have now confirmed that we will need to submit another full planning application which will cost approximately £6,500. We had submitted a condition change application to allow the date to be extended. This has been refused. We have discussed with them and unfortunately there is no alternative. Either we collect the funds to submit the application, very quickly, or we have to leave the site.

“Having survived during Covid and during the current bird flu situation, our finances can only cover our current expenses, we have no contingency funds.

“We understand things are tight for everyone and hate to even ask, but the survival of the Center and the future of all of our resident rescues depends on being able to submit that request.

“Obviously we will do everything we can to raise the necessary funds, but if you can help in any way, no matter how small, it will make a huge difference.

“Donations can be made through our PayPal: [email protected] or through the donate button on page.

“Thank you to each and every one of you for all the support you have shown in any way it means a lot to us and has helped the Center through some tough times.”

Besides providing a home for birds of prey, the wildlife sanctuary also cares for various other animals, including raccoons and ferrets.

Wild Wings finally finds a new home

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