World Photography Day: Paradise Wildlife Park Contest


On World Photography Day 2021, Paradise Wildlife Park announced the return of its photography competition.

The competition aims to showcase some of the incredible photographic talent and beautiful wildlife at Hertfordshire Zoo.

A spokesperson for PWP said: “Have you taken pictures while at the park in the past year of some of our amazing animals?

“If so, enter today for a chance to win some fantastic prizes!”

If you’ve taken a great photo like this, enter the Paradise Wildlife Park Photography Contest.
– Credit: Cam Whitnall

The photo competition will be judged by wildlife photographer Roger Hooper, brothers Cam, Tyler and Aaron Whitnall of Paradise Wildlife Park, hosts of CBBC’s a zoo three, and Giles Clark, Big Cat and Conservation Director at Big Cat Sanctuary.

The big winner will be invited to the Sun Bear Heights, Jaguar Jungle and Otter Rocks launch later this year.

Tiger Aleena at <a class=Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire.” class=”” loading=”lazy” title=””/>

Tiger Aleena at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire.
– Credit: Cam Whitnall

They will receive an annual membership to Paradise Wildlife Park, a photography day at the zoo’s sister charity, The Big Cat Sanctuary, with chief photographer Alma Leaper, and will be the main feature of the 2022 White Stubb Lane Zoo calendar.

There will be a shortlist of 11 recommended attendees who will also be on PWP’s 2022 schedule and receive two free tickets to Paradise.

Paradise <a class=Wildlife Park has launched a photography competition.” class=”” loading=”lazy” title=””/>

Paradise Wildlife Park has launched a photography competition.
– Credit: Cam Whitnall

How to enter:

Format: Digital images in JPG or TIFF format.

Cut: 3MB or more.

Orientation: Countryside.

Submission: The names of the photos must be formatted as follows: Name of the candidate – Animal – Title of the photo.

Submissions should be sent by email or via Dropbox or other free file transfer service such as WeTransfer. They should be sent to [email protected]

Deadline: Friday October 15, 2021.

Results: The results will be announced on Monday, November 1, 2021.

Only successful participants will be contacted by email.

* Upon entering the contest, entrants agree to give Paradise Wildlife Park the rights to publish the images submitted in all online, print and other media. There is no age limit for registrations.

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