Yorkshire Wildlife Park makes history as rare baby monkey ‘first born in UK’

Yorkshire Wildlife is just one of six zoos in Europe to house red howler monkeys and Yorkshire Wildlife Park said it was a hugely significant birth for the attraction.

Baby Pablo was born just three weeks ago and visitors have loved seeing the little monkey during the Halloween period.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park, located in Doncaster, hosted many activities during the scary period, including dancers, jugglers, stilt walkers and aerial performers.

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Still, the main attraction was undoubtedly Pablo, as visitors saw the child clinging tightly to his mother Tila.

Placed within the grounds of South America, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park says baby Pablo cradles his mother while being supervised by park rangers.

Baby Pablo, a red howler monkey

His mother and father, Geronimo, both brightly colored and vocal Venezuelan red howlers, arrived at the park earlier this year.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park primate team leader Greg Clifton said: “This is a hugely significant birth for this rare species of primate and could be the first time this species has been bred in the UK. United.

“The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is one of 6 zoos in Europe to hold red howler monkeys and they are the only ones in England.

He continued: “He is a very lucky baby as the Primate team saw him being carried by both females in our group. Our female Namid has bred in the past so showed our first mum Tila how it’s made.”

Pablo is only three weeks old
Pablo is only three weeks old

Not so long ago, zookeepers at Yorkshire Wildlife Park had their hearts ‘in their throats’ as Vladimir the tiger was due for a major operation.

The big Siberian cat had to collapse so spinal issues could be checked.

It was said that Vladimir the Amur tiger woke up feeling “slightly bored”, but was not spared the procedure.

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