Yorkshire Wildlife Park set to reopen as tickets go on sale for the summer


The park has been closed several times during the pandemic due to Covid restrictions.

However, in accordance with the lifting of the lockdown, the park is expected to reopen on April 12, 2021.

In a social media post on Tuesday, the park announced: “This is the time you’ve ALL been waiting for …

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park set to reopen as tickets go on sale for the summer

“We are delighted to announce that park tickets are now available for booking starting April 12, 2021! With even more dates throughout the summer available very soon …

“Find out more and book online at YorkshireWildlifePark.com

“We will continue to do our utmost to ensure the safety of guests and staff, we look forward to welcoming you again soon.”

Tickets are now on sale on the site.

The educational and conservation work center had to be suspended due to current restrictions according to the park.

Recently, animals based at Yorkshire Wildlife Park have been helping children struggling to understand the rules of social distancing at Leeds Children’s Hospital.

Life-size cutouts of the animals, including an Amur tiger and a rhino, have been placed around the rooms to help remind people of the coronavirus advice.

An Amur tiger warns hospital visitors to stay two meters apart while one of the park’s beloved polar bears reminds everyone to wash their hands regularly.

A rhino asks staff and visitors to stay to the left as they move around the hospital, and a male lion reminds patients and their families not to be early for appointments.

Designed to capture the spirit of the children’s hospital, the project is taking patients and staff by storm.

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